Who We Are

The World We Want to See

We envision a world of good health and personal well-being: A place where people are connected and interdependent, where each person has a place to belong. A world in which diversity is honoured and beauty arises from it. All are safe in their surroundings whatever they may be.

There is abundance. All are able to experience more than mere survival.

There is honour. Each person is honoured and honourable. Each is appreciated, encouraged and loved.

There is power. It is shared, distributed and democratic.

There is differentiation, competition, innovation. This generates creativity, energy and resilience.

We are good stewards of our gifts and blessings. Each person makes the most of their strengths in response to what one sees and must do. We are attentive and cultivate the strengths we see in others. We count on them.

It is a world in which responsibility, self-expression and awe are together a way of life that brings meaning to our time. It causes us to be ever-evolving.

These things hold us in creative tension. We learn. We innovate. We act. We grow.

Strengths-Based Stories Key to Massive Transformation

Axiom News produced this video to share at the World Appreciative Inquiry Conference, which took place April 25-28 in Belgium. Learn why Axiom has adopted Appreciative Inquiry principles and practices in its journalism. Axiom team members share how discovering and sharing strengths-based stories within partner organizations leads to transformation.