Who We Are

Who We Serve

We aspire to work with organizations that have an overt social purpose — that focus on strengths and serve a cause greater than themselves.

We believe these organizations hold the most promise for the future and are the most likely to maximize their contribution to society.

Democratic organizations, ones that realize and act on the creativity and potential of their people are more sustainable, deliver higher performance and have the greatest impact.

That’s why we chose to focus our talent and the power of storytelling into these kinds of organizations. We know our combined efforts can make a meaningful difference.

Strengths-Based Stories Key to Massive Transformation

Axiom News produced this video to share at the World Appreciative Inquiry Conference, which took place April 25-28 in Belgium. Learn why Axiom has adopted Appreciative Inquiry principles and practices in its journalism. Axiom team members share how discovering and sharing strengths-based stories within partner organizations leads to transformation.