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Business Limits Financial Return to ROI to Protect Social Emphasis

P-CED aims to help disabled children ‘left to die’ in the Ukraine

Limiting the financial return of a social business to return on investment (ROI) can help balance the company’s blended focus on profit and mission, says Terry Hallman, CEO of a U.K.-based social business addressing poverty relief and reformed childcare in the former Soviet Union.

Emerging Legal Structures Indicate Growing Awareness of Need for Social Business

If L3Cs and B-Corps can emerge in the U.S. . . . social businesses can be built almost anywhere: Terry Hallman

The emergence of new legal structures such as the Low-profit Limited Liability Company (L3C) and Benefit Corporation (B-Corp) in the last few years reveals the United States is waking up to the need for social business, says Terry Hallman.

Profit Maximization and Solving Social Problems Don’t Mix: Social Business Advocate

La Mesa sees great potential for attracting investment in social business from traditional charity donors

For businesses to make a real social impact, they cannot mix in profit maximization, says Eugenio La Mesa, an advocate for social business as defined by Muhammad Yunus.

Multinational Companies Part of the Social Business Solution: Black

Social business entrepreneur says corporate social innovation holds exciting opportunities

There is an emerging generation of leaders in large firms that see an alignment of making a difference in the world with the self-interest of their business, and this is forming one of the most exciting new facets of social business, says Liam Black.

Social Business Needs to Focus on Results, Not Definitions, says U.K. Social Entrepreneur

Liam Black says limiting the definition of social business will diminish sector’s ability to reach scale

The world needs positive social change at an unprecedented scale, which is why there should be more focus on what’s working and less on what sector or structure is achieving the outcomes, says Liam Black.

Social Impact Becoming a Valuable Economic Commodity

People excited to make ‘extraordinary profit, extraordinary social change,’ says CEO Jason Saul

The activities of a major European grocery chain Tesco exemplify a growing trend — that the market is increasingly valuing social change, says social impact expert Jason Saul.

Want to Really Change the World? Make a Profit Solving Social Problems: Jason Saul

‘We need to move from a social contract mentality to a social capital market way of thinking,’ says Mission Measurement CEO

A leading expert on strategy and performance measurement in the social sector is promoting a new organizational framework to solve social problems on a colossal scale.

AI Key tool for Balancing People, Plant and Profit

Consultant Joep de Jong inspired by growing use, impact of AI in the Netherlands, worldwide

The best outcome Joep de Jong envisions around Appreciative Inquiry (AI) becoming a common business practice is that a healthy balance between planet, people and profit is finally realized.

Information Critical for Social Enterprise to Reach Millions More: Ayllu

Service provider aims to collect and provide data that helps drive better decision-making

From providing affordable, safe and clean lighting to people living in Rwanda to training Cambodian youth with the skills they need to deliver competitively-priced IT services, social enterprises are making a significant impact in the world's developing countries.

Thought Leader Proposes Social-Impact Reporting to Balance Social Mission For-Profits

Rob Greenland explores ‘more doable ways’ to report on social impacts of businesses

Dividend-distributing companies with a social mission may face a difficult balancing act when it comes to decision-making.


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