Social Business

B.C. Begins Consultation on Community Interest Companies

New legal structure would encourage growth, investment in social enterprise, say advocates

British Columbia is Canada’s first province to begin a consultation process on the development of Community Interest Companies (CICs), a move advocates say would encourage the growth of businesses pursuing social and financial objectives.

Vittana Empowers Students through Microfinance Loans

Investing in human potential making an impact, says director

Vittana is evolving the microcredit model through creating a peer-to-peer student loan marketplace that empowers young people in developing nations to complete post-secondary education.

Social Enterprises Provide Hope to Solve Global Problems: Spence

'The necessity of our work rests in the impact that we need to have'

Adam Spence says the necessity and purpose of Social Venture Exchange’s work rests in the impact that is needed to provide solutions to the increasing worldwide social and environmental problems.

New Coffee Company Sets the Bar Higher

‘The goal of all businesses should be to make sure that everything they do is sustainable’

Guilt Free Drinks has the slogan “a better planet one cup at a time” and aims to provide the world’s most environmentally-friendly coffee.

Consumers can Shift Business Practices, says Pangea Organics

CEO suggests conscientious consumerism to be fuelled by greater awareness, decision-making

Pangea Organics CEO Joshua Onysko has a straightforward answer for how to encourage the growth of social business — shift consumer behaviour.

Pangea Organics Inspires Others Through Social Business Model

Company leverages products and profits to demonstrate what is possible, influence other businesses

There is a greater calling behind the work of Pangea Organics than just making great body-care products, says its founder and CEO Joshua Onysko.

Social Business Ambiguity Should Raise Awareness, Not Fear: Ayllu

New tools being developed to measure social impact

Balancing the relationship between commercial and social objectives should generate awareness — not fear — of adopting the practice, says Ayllu executive director Melissa Richer.

Businesses Benefit From Social Mission: Cause Capitalism Founder

Olivia Khalili wants to share social mission message with South by Southwest audience

Cause Capitalism founder Olivia Khalili has submitted a panel proposal for the 2011 South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive conferences focused on showing attendees how businesses with a strong social mission have a competitive advantage.

Social Mission Connects People’s Lives With Business

More small and mid-sized businesses embracing a social mission: Khalili

People are looking for ways to integrate their lives and their business and realizing the benefits of having a social mission and making a meaningful contribution through their work, says Cause Capitalism founder Olivia Khalili.

Brian Robertson Looks Beyond Social Business Movement

Businesses freed to do their own work in the world are the next thing, says HolacracyOne founder

Social business with its varying definitions is growing, Brian Robertson agrees. But what’s beyond that?


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