Who We Are

Our Ways of Being

Socially Generative

To be generative is to plant a seed, stimulate thoughts, catalyze change and cause others to act – it’s a call to action. To be socially generative is to align those actions for the betterment of people,
organizations and society.


We believe we will get farther and be more successful through focusing on strengths. We believe that of ourselves and of our clients too. Starting from strengths is our foundation. We assemble our
teams based on individual strengths and allow people to move in the direction of their natural talent.

We harness the power of Appreciative Inquiry to ask strength-based questions around what’s working, lessons learned from high-point experiences and visions of a better future. The result is stories that produce meaning, hope and inspire ways to act.


Interdependence is all about realizing that we are better together. Our strengths are made productive when we work with others who are equally as strong in their own talents. We must honour our partnerships and relationships. We rely on one another to bring our best, do our part
and support and encourage one another to rise to our potential.

To stand together, in all our differences, is to thrive. It’s also to say that what affects any one of us, affects all of us.


To be democratic is to provide opportunities for input, share power, practice transparency and be accountable. It is to unleash the full potential of people. We have clear processes for participation and decision making. We share power and therefore more of it is exercised.

We practice open-space strategy summits that result in self-organizing initiatives that spark change, promote innovation and witness personal growth. It’s participatory, inclusive and shapes our collective future.

Serve Others

To serve others is to serve rather than be served. It is to have a personal interest in seeing others grow and flourish. It is to motivate, inspire, challenge and equip them to rise to their talent, to make the most of their circumstances. It is to listen, understand and empathize — to be present and accepting. To service is to be authentic, vulnerable and useful.


To be a good steward is to take responsibility for the effective use of resources, to stay alert to opportunities, to nurture and encourage the growth of our people and the sustainability and security of our finances. It is to hold true to our conscience, to do what is right and make our greatest impact.

We have three purposes for the profits we generate:
• to support our social mission and advance generative movements
• to reinvest in our business, the growth of team members, evolve our products and service, invest in infrastructure, and broaden our reach and impact
• to generate wealth by way of a reasonable return on investment to shareholders and wealth distribution amongst employees


To be pluralistic is to embrace and honour diversity. There are many answers, many values and many ways to arrive at a solution. Multiple ideas create healthy competition and unique approaches that continually evolve and move people, organizations and society to a better place.

In our view, movements like employee ownership, democratic workplaces, social business and strength-based change relate to one another. For us these and other movements are all part of the complex answer to building a thriving planet. We will continue expanding the possibilities through our story work.


To have a mindset of abundance is to realize there is much to be gained by sharing what we know, learning from others experiences and collaborating around common interests.

We openly share our work, thoughts and best practices and subscribe to the principles of creative commons.

Social Mission Business

Social mission businesses are driven to make the world a better place. We do this through writing and sharing stories that engage strengths and catalyze change. In order to optimize our impact we must be sustainable.

Strengths-Based Stories Key to Massive Transformation

Axiom News produced this video to share at the World Appreciative Inquiry Conference, which took place April 25-28 in Belgium. Learn why Axiom has adopted Appreciative Inquiry principles and practices in its journalism. Axiom team members share how discovering and sharing strengths-based stories within partner organizations leads to transformation.