Who We Are

How We Serve

Through the writing and sharing of strength-based news stories we:

• Lift the voice of all stakeholders, whole communities, knowing that inclusive, interdependent, collaborative and co-created organizations hold the greatest potential for the future

• Mobilize individuals, organizations and their communities towards a thriving and prosperous future

• Inspire hope, encourage creativity and motivate people and organizations to discover and explore the full scope of possibilities before them

• Discover strengths and latent potential that often lie dormant in the hearts and minds of people in organizations

• Bring awareness, understanding and appreciation of those leading change, taking initiative and making a meaningful contribution

• Animate organizations with stories that paint in full colour how personal contributions and individual talents serve to inspire peer creativity and innovation

• Change the lens through which people and organizations view life and work by presenting liberating models and practices that honour people and optimize the impact on our world

Strengths-Based Stories Key to Massive Transformation

Axiom News produced this video to share at the World Appreciative Inquiry Conference, which took place April 25-28 in Belgium. Learn why Axiom has adopted Appreciative Inquiry principles and practices in its journalism. Axiom team members share how discovering and sharing strengths-based stories within partner organizations leads to transformation.