About Axiom News

Axiom News

Axiom News provides generative news services and hosts transformative community conversations for businesses and organizations committed to open communication, and to being agents of benefit for the world they serve.

Our work will help you identify your assets, strengths and possibilities. We draw from methods including Asset Based Community Development, Open Spaces, and Appreciative Inquiry. These are collaborative and constructive approaches that create new energy and opportunity while end-running political sensitivities and traditional barriers.

Our client base and network of partnerships is global. It includes thrivable businesses and social enterprises, non-profits and public sector agencies.

We are committed to authenticity, transparency and co-creation in communication and to working with and for organizations that share that call.

About Generative Journalism

Our foundational practice and service is Generative Journalism.

Axiom News coined the term. We believe in storytelling as an enabler of strengths, and a catalyst for change. We have spent twenty years creating and co-evolving this model, and are recognized leaders in this form of inquiry and communication.

We Co-Create, Manage, and Deliver Ongoing Grassroots News Platforms

  • News Programs
  • News Websites
  • Social Media Programs
  • News Videos
  • E-newsletters
  • Print Newsletters, eBooks and Related Specialty Design

About Transformative Conversations

Our processes can be deeper, and achieve results more quickly, when they are kick-started by transformative community conversations, in person and online, that inquire into your purposes, risks, commitments, gifts and possibilities.

These conversations identify story themes, open channels to collaboration, empower and energize participants, and bring your assets to the surface. Ask us for more details.

We Host In-Person and Online Community Conversations

  • Small Group
  • Open Space
  • Appreciative Inquiry Summits
  • Rapid Prototyping

Let's Talk

Axiom News' mission is "To co-create a life-giving news network for a renewed and thriving world."

We will bring the most appropriate expertise to your assignment, from a team and network of skilled journalists, editors, convenors, conversation leaders, social media experts and print and online designers.

From a simple news program that can begin immediately, to a larger process of internal and external change — we would like to talk to you.

Contact founder and CEO Peter Pula today to learn more, and explore the possibilities:

705-741-4421, ext. 28