Adventure Philanthropists Have New Tribe

Adventure Philanthropists Have New Tribe

Climb for Change links passions of 'adventurers for social good'

Setting a goal to raise money for a chosen charity and seeing it through to the end can be as daunting as choosing a mountain to scale and reaching the peak after months of preparation.

  Bridging passions for mountaineering, adventure travel and fundraising is a little easier after the launch of Climb for Change by Chantal and Mike Schauch, pictured here after a "warm-up" climb to the top of Mexico's La Malinche.

In fact, as Climb for Change co-founders Chantal and Mike Schauch discovered when they climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2010 to raise funds and awareness for outdoor education programs in British Columbia for youth with disabilities, climbing the mountain can be much easier.

Based on their experience, a new social business was born and in late 2012, Climb for Change launched as a new online platform allowing mountaineers and adventurers to pursue their passion while raising funds for their chosen charity.

“While there are literally thousands of people climbing for charity each year, there was, until now, no online hub where people could come together to share stories, resources and tips on what they were doing, and there was no fundraising campaign platform focused specifically on this type of market,” says Chantal from her home in Vancouver, B.C.

“If we can, in a sustainable way, empower and enable more people to pursue outdoor adventure for charitable causes around the world, then we are achieving our mission.”

Chantal defines social entrepreneurship as the creation of a business that adheres to personal values and passions while offering benefits to the community; and it must sustain itself financially.

The Climb for Change site allows what she calls, “adventure philanthropists” to set up a platform at no-cost, which takes the hassle of transaction between donor and charity out of the equation.

Every dollar donated is funnelled through the site’s partner, IATS Payments, and the charity then covers a modest fee, which is split between the two organizations.

  Climb for Change founders Mike and Chantal Schauch were among a team that travelled to Mexico to tackle La Malinche and Pico de Orizaba while raising funds for charity in 2011.

The charities have access to additional revenue streams, enthusiasm for outdoor adventure increases and the business answers a demand in the marketplace, Chantal says.

“We realized that there are people out there who need help,” she says. “They want to do an adventure — they want to do it for a cause — but they need help to get started and they need help with the fundraising.”

Climb for Change is the answer, Chantal says, and one that falls directly in line with the passion of the team running it for community contribution and outdoor adventure.

It’s a place where stories are shared and the community of adventure philanthropists can connect and grow a little closer, fuelling their passions together.

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