World Crowd Joins Business Recognition Challenge

World Crowd Joins Business Recognition Challenge

9 concepts chosen for prototyping next spring

People from more than 100 countries participated in a recent crowd-sourcing challenge to support Case Western University’s Fowler Center for Sustainable Development and professor David Cooperrider in their quest to create a game-changing recognition process for businesses that are agents of world benefit.

Engaging a global audience and sparking a global conversation through the challenge was exciting, David says.

  David Cooperrider

“That was a wonderful surprise and really important as we want to create this world-wide celebration of business as an agent of world benefit and these learning mechanisms,” says the Case Western Reserve University Fairmount Minerals professor of social entrepreneurship.

David adds he was thrilled to see the close to 600 inspirations and concepts crowd-sourced through the 12-week process.

“It’s exciting seeing how our technology has gotten to the point where we can really speed up the spread of these good news stories,” he notes.

Fowler Center executive director Roger Saillant says the diversity of perspectives curated through the process was very helpful, with some new ideas introduced and others influencing concepts already being considered.

He was also inspired to see the level of youth engagement, he says, as many of them shared “fresh, inspiring and sometimes heretical ideas.”

“The many voices provide collective intelligence and legitimacy of crowds, a global democratic process for our project,” Roger says.

  Roger Saillant

The open innovation platform OpenIDEO of the world-renowned design firm IDEO facilitated the process and has selected nine winning concepts based on community feedback and input from the center and David.

The nine concepts will be posted to the OpenIDEO platform for another several weeks, as a “pause” is held for the community to celebrate, offer kudos and continue to have conversations around them, OpenIDEO community manager Ashley Jablow tells Axiom News.

OpenIDEO will be working with the Fowler Center to host a prototyping workshop in early spring engaging about 100 people and facilitated by IDEO’s Peter Coughlan to build on the concepts.

“We think about our winning concepts as sparks of ideas that will need continued refinement and iteration in order to even prototype and test them, let alone implement them and see impact out in the world,” Ashley says.

The community is invited to consider any of the ideas shared for implementation on their own, she also notes.

“This is a unique challenge in that a lot of the concepts that the community posed the Fowler Center itself has the interest and resources to think about implementing. Still, we always encourage our community to take an idea and run with it. So to the extent that there are concepts that community members want to try out, we would absolutely encourage that and we would love to hear from people who do,” Ashley says.

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