SVN Launches Story Initiative

SVN Launches Story Initiative

Partnership with Axiom News to demonstrate what’s possible when market forces are used for social change

The Social Venture Network (SVN) is partnering with Axiom News to launch a stakeholder news program that engages and shares the stories of its members, some of the world's most innovative social entrepreneurs, impact investors and business leaders.

SVN executive director Deb Nelson says the partnership will create a news network that gives voice to a diverse movement of changemakers who are using business in new and important ways. The partnership leverages Axiom's content creation and storytelling expertise with SVN's world class, vetted network of socially-responsible business leaders.

  Deb Nelson

“We, like Axiom, believe storytelling can be a catalyst for change,” says Deb.

“Through our stories about social ventures that are changing the world we want to demonstrate what is possible when market forces are used for social change and demonstrate that a better way exists for doing business, one that leads to a sustainable future of economic and social justice.”

Telling stories of the social venture movement is essential to the healthy evolution of society, which is why Axiom News is thrilled to join SVN in launching its story initiative, says Peter Pula, Axiom’s founder and CEO.

“Partnering with SVN to cultivate a narrative of possibility is an important work. Social-mission ventures, in all their variety, are a pathway to meaningful work and thriving society. Their stories are writing a future worth living into.”

Called Sustainable Solutions the news program will publish stories every Monday, Wednesday and Friday on SVN’s website. The stories will also be spread using social media and distribution channels like CSRwire, another SVN member.

Deb says SVN has a number of story themes it’s looking forward to exploring. The program is launching during SVN’s 25-year anniversary and will feature articles celebrating socially-responsible business pioneers like Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, co-founders of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

  Peter Pula

Collaboration and innovation are two hallmarks of the network, and Deb says the news will share successful initiatives ranging from two SVN members helping California adopt Benefit Corporation legislation to 25-year old entrepreneurs creating food from waste.

It’s these types of stories and practical approaches that Deb hopes will inspire more changemakers to join SVN and become part of the solution.

“The best thing that could happen as a result (of the stories) is the socially-responsible business movement will spread. People will see a plethora of viable business models that are creating far-reaching social and environmental change,” says Deb.

Peter adds Axiom News will work “steadfastly” to grow the reach and richness of the socially-responsible business story.

“Our hope is to see a federated news network form around the social-venture story,” says Peter.

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