CoreChange Energy Building

CoreChange Energy Building

'We’re getting people to ride on into the summit and then beyond,’ says Diane Jordan-Grizzard

The buzz around Cincinnati’s CoreChange effort is growing, says Diane Jordan-Grizzard, something she saw most clearly at a recent speaker’s event.

Institute for a Competitive Inner City CEO Mary Kay Leonard presented at the Jan. 10 event to a filled room, “and she was talking statistics at 7 at night,” says Diane with a chuckle, adding the CEO made some wonderful points validating the CoreChange effort.

Diane Jordan-Grizzard

Diane recalls looking around the room that night and being struck by the diversity of people, not only ethnically but also the range coming from different walks of life, including business leaders, non-profit and council reps and regular community members.

“I was telling Dr. Victor Garcia that I was very impressed with what I saw generated at that speaker series, both in the content and the energy around the content,” as well as the commitment people expressed to engaging in the summit itself, says the Beech Acres Parenting Center COO and member of the CoreChange steering committee.

Diane adds she is loving the fact that people are attending the community conversations scheduled in various neighbourhoods to spread the word and heighten interest around the CoreChange effort.

“I believe this is where we’re at right now; — like the snowball that rolls down the hill — we’re getting people to ride on into the summit and then beyond,” she says.

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To learn more about CoreChange, including the Feb. 17-19 city-wide summit, and how you can get involved, visit this link. You can also follow the @corechangecincy and @cincysummit Twitter accounts, as well as like CoreChange on Facebook.

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