Supplier’s Phone ‘Ringing Off the Hook’ After Story Published

Supplier’s Phone ‘Ringing Off the Hook’ After Story Published

News program helping create connections for supplier

Synergy Medical Supply Inc. vice-president of sales and marketing Eric Van Praagh says he received a barrage of phone calls from long-term care stakeholders wanting information about the company’s innovative hip protectors after a news story was published in the OMNIway, OMNI Health Care’s stakeholder news program, in November.

The story stemmed from Synergy and OMNI collaborating on a display for the Ontario Long Term Care Association’s second annual Long Term Care Applied Research Education Day. The display, which highlighted how Synergy hip protectors are an important part of OMNI’s osteoporosis/falls prevention strategy, took first prize.

The next day the story was featured in the OMNIway and people took notice, says Van Praagh.

“Right after the story was published . . . my phone was ringing off the hook from people interested in the product, and we also had two distributors who wanted to take on the product right afterwards, as well,” says Van Praagh.

The OMNIway is proving to be a valuable vehicle for creating business connections, as well as keeping him up to date with sector happenings, says Van Praagh.

Van Praagh says because Synergy is bringing first-to-market products that help people with a range of health issues, the benefits these products are having on people is being shared by people reading the OMNIway.

“That’s the benefit of doing stories with (Axiom News),” he says.

As one of OMNI’s corporate suppliers, Synergy has been featured in several OMNIway stories. Many of these stories have centred on successes OMNI, a provider of 17 long-term care homes, has had with Synergy products, such as hip protectors.

“It’s clear to me that a lot of people read the OMNIway,” says Van Praagh.

“I get comments all the time about how people read stories on the OMNIway, which is great. (The OMNIway) is a perfect vehicle, especially for a company like ours, to get our message out to people that will take notice right away.”

Synergy products include state-of-the-art hip protectors, as well as shoes and socks specially designed for people with diabetes. These products are made with far-infrared ray technology, which promotes healing and reduces muscle tension.

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