Stories Encourage Pride and a Corporate Identity

Stories Encourage Pride and a Corporate Identity

BLJC Insights shares best practices and success stories across the nation

Office services supervisor Aftab Hussain of Brookfield LePage Johnson Controls (BLJC) says that his organization’s stories serve the company by promoting best practices and sharing successes across a great geographic divide.

The BLJC Insights, stories written by Axiom News, is located on the front page of BLJC’s web-portal where employees turn to use their e-mail and receive corporate news.

“I read your articles because they’re right on the web when you open your day,” says Hussain.

Sharing ideas and best practices are a great way to encourage successful programming, says Hussain.

“I think it’s a breeding area for ideas, a place where people can get inspiration,” he says.

“This is one common way of sharing what other people have done or succeeded with, and it provides an opportunity to try it as well,” he adds.

Hussain says Insights bonds BLJC staff together.

“It makes us realize that we are one big team,” he says.

Hussain often turns to Axiom News when he has a news announcement he is interested in sharing with BLJC, including the Markham office’s implementation of an initiative that aims to reduce the garbage output to nothing.

Since the article was posted he has received feedback on the zero garbage initiative from other people agreeing that the program is a good idea, and asking about the challenges of running such a program.

Insights bridges the geographic gap between offices to help build a common culture.

Hussain says that stories of BLJC employees having successes with clients and making an impact in their community go a long way in boosting morale and pride among the organization.

“It makes us feel, despite our individuality and our own personal responsibilities, that we’re a part of a whole,” he says.

“Information that piques your interest always encourages you, and it’s always positive to know what’s happening within BLJC,” he adds.

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