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Peter Block is the author of Community: the Structure of Belonging and one of the leading thinkers about community development. We were very excited when Peter became a member of New Scoop last winter and recently asked him why he joined up.

Michelle Strutzenberger

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Listening in on a call last week, I had two of those belly-shiver moments where suddenly the future flashes open and one glimpses what could be. It truly is a flash, a second, maybe two, as if a bare wire zapped some intuition alive. And then things go dark. But the sense of having “seen” a possibility lingers on, like a scent after someone’s left the room.

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Peterborough resident and music maker Luke LeeBurton is interviewed by Axiom News generative journalist Michelle Strutzenberger in the tree he’d just been occupying as part of a community ceremony.

Playfulness and co-creating our community’s new narrative

Co-creating our community’s new narrative should have some element of playfulness. That’s the energy that’s swirling after a number of Axiom News team members participated in some artful, fun and serious community gatherings this past week — and gamely tried a few new and playful things in the process.