Moksha Yoga Studios Back Cincinnati CoreChange Effort

Moksha Yoga Studios Back Cincinnati CoreChange Effort

Message of elevating the good to eliminate the bad resonates deeply with owner Ellen Bradley

Ellen Bradley recalls the time her husband Michael arrived home from lunch with Dr. Victor Garcia, clearly affected by his conversation with the pediatric surgeon who has been the leading voice in Cincinnati’s CoreChange effort.

While Michael, a former Toronto Raptors player, has been around many people with strong drive and passion, Ellen remembers her husband telling her Victor is one of the most passionate people he’s met.

Michael said he believed supporting the effort would be a great opportunity for both the Moksha Yoga studios the Bradleys own, as well as themselves.

Ellen, who was at the helm of opening the Moksha Yoga studios in Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky several years ago, says she was all in from the get-go.   

“I’ve always felt that our studios not only provide the yoga aspect, but they truly are a vehicle to unite a community to make a greater difference,” says Ellen, noting she has made a habit of seeking out opportunities for the more than 6,000 students engaged with the studios to be active and contributing in the community.

“I think oftentimes people want to get involved or they want to do things, but not everybody has the drive to go out and find it. So I’m always trying to find opportunities for people to be involved and to just reach out and help,” she says.

She notes the studios are non-partisan and the students come from all walks of life, bringing many different talents. It’s exciting to be able to share with them about opportunities, including CoreChange, to which they might contribute their talents and finances.

Both the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky studios offer a karma yoga class at least once a week, where all of the proceeds are directed to a charity each month. This month the funds are going to Elementz, a non-profit youth centre in Over the Rhine dedicated to uplifting the good of the youth in inner-city Cincinnati. Elementz was chosen at the suggestion of Victor.

Ellen notes the drive of CoreChange to unite the community to co-create change resonates deeply with her, as well as aligning with guiding pillars of the studios.

“The community is what makes a difference in the world, that can really uplift,” she says, adding she believes community renewal "starts with an individual, then you unite as a community."

The underlying theme Victor has been bringing forward in all of this — elevating the good to eliminate the bad — is also very compelling for her, says Ellen, noting that’s what the yoga practice is also all about.

Moksha Yoga is taking part in the CoreChange effort in a variety of ways, amongst these hosting an event this Saturday, Sept. 24, where Victor will speak.

The event is also an art expo for local artist Matt Eckerle’s new display, Pulse and Process, which makes use of renewable items to underscore a green theme. Proceeds from the sale of Matt’s art will also be donated to Elementz.

“In all ways we are going to support (Core Change) and help Victor,” says Ellen. “This is just the foundation that’s being built, (Victor is) trying to get the name out and educate, and we’re just trying to amp that up.”

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