Holacracy Inline with Mindful Leadership, Says Consulting Firm

Holacracy Inline with Mindful Leadership, Says Consulting Firm

Take Charge Consultants adopts system to promote disciplined mindful approaches

A consulting firm specializing in promoting mindful leadership has adopted the operating system Holacracy to ensure they “practice what they preach.”

Take Charge Consultants president Rosaria Hawkins says she first learned of the comprehensive practice for governing and running an organization when interviewing its founder Brian Robertson on mindful leadership.

Hawkins research in particular focused on how mindful leaders operated in ways different than traditional leaders, enabling them to be open and aware of subtlety and nuance, and be good action takers in a rapidly changing world.

Interviewing Robertson, Hawkins says she became intrigued about his self-developed operating style — Holacracy.

“It really sounded like he had a good solid framework for continually staying on top of things and for that to happen in a way that was nothing like I had ever seen or conceived of before,” says Hawkins.

Hawkins attended an introductory session on Holacracy and then took the necessary steps to become certified, implementing the system at the Coatesville, Pennsylvania-based company one year ago.

The practice has been successful at Take Charge, she says, resulting in engaged meetings, greater transparency and accountability, as well as a renewed focus on the collective and mission of the organization.

Adding to this, Hawkins says Holacracy seems to have a natural connection to Take Charge’s aim of building mindful leaders.

“I do think philosophically, it’s benefitted us there, as well,” she says. 

“We’re really good at flexing and adapting, picking up and letting go, starting, sometimes finishing, sometimes dropping when it makes sense not to finish, so that we are really agile and flexible, but we never lose sight of the end game.”

Hawkins says Take Charge is poised for growth and Holacracy has systems to ensure an organization is configured and reconfigured over time as needs shift.

This in turn, should also provide a framework to support Take Charge team members in utilizing mindful approaches during periods of growth and change, says Hawkins.

"As we continue to evolve our business and focus on building our service set around mindful leadership, I believe Holacray will serve us well in two regards.  It gives us a disciplined process and practice for doing what we preach.  Secondly, it will help ensure that we create things that are needed by the market and continually recreate them as needs change in order to keep our clients on the cutting edge."

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