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I have just returned from an interesting experience in Washington. D.C.:  a panel discussion with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The event was sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a leading neo-conservative think tank responsible for much of the intellectual core and agenda of the Bush-Cheney administration. So why would I go to a place that co-engineered much of the thinking that led us into the disaster of the Iraq War and the financial crisis of 2008, costing us trillions of dollars, and causing massive waves of human suffering across cultures?

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I'm loving my new job as Associate Superintendent of Iowa's 2nd largest school district and the opportunities the district and community are giving me to transform education. I'm busy helping our community and district have deeper conversations about learning and what "school" needs to look like and be. 

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I know we're already one month into 2013, but think back to last year for a second. What were the most talked about education stories of 2012?

Recycling Education Tools
How can art be applied as a research tool? What role does it play in social movements? University of Victoria PhD candidate Bruno de Oliveira Jayme explores these questions through workshops with recycling workers in São Paulo, Brazil. Read more.


Scholarship fosters creation of educational materials for powerful art workshops

Molded into the shape of a brain using cigarette butts and molding clay, this piece of art held deep significance for the 70-year-old workshop participant who created it. It was a way for the recycling co-operative worker in São Paulo, Brazil to express the struggles he has lived through.


News agency to fuel, build on citizens’ engagement in economic and social transition

Whether it’s technical expertise or small- to medium-sized businesses, the Netherlands holds an abundance of assets that have been in large part unrecognized and unappreciated. Yet it is exactly these “un-glorified” gifts that could ring in the country’s future thriving.

We Recommend

At the BIG Ideas School in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, secondary school students have the opportunity to co-design their own project-based elective course. BIG is a partnership between media firm The Gazette Company and the Cedar Rapids Community School District. A recent story catches up with lead teacher Shawn Cornally who shares what’s exciting at the school now and what’s on the horizon. More

Leaders and Legacies, a news site for unique, asset-based articles about Canada’s former prime ministers and governors general, has just posted a piece on the early energy surrounding a new Aboriginal Youth Education Program. Founded by former prime minister Paul Martin, the innovative program teaches Aboriginal youth about business and entrepreneurship. Finishing high school is also encouraged so that the dream of post-secondary school remains within reach. The program is now being offered in 26 schools, in seven provinces, and the Northwest Territories. The former prime minister tells Leaders and Legacies he’s been surprised that the program has grown so much, so fast. More


Co-op Educators Consortium in Development

A new International Consortium of Leaders in Co-operative Management Education is under development. The effort seeks to foster collaboration through bringing together institutions around the world that have co-operative management education programs. Currently in the early stages of formation, people involved with the Consortium will be meeting in-person in Quebec City on Oct. 6, 2014.

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