Vanessa Reid

'If there had been no crisis, we could not have known this quality of being together was possible'
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This spring, for the first time in the four years that we have been working on the ground with citizens in Greece, I heard Greeks saying that they are grateful for the collapse of their systems.

Michelle Strutzenberger

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Sometimes the significance of a happening revisits you much later. When, several years ago, I found myself in a carload of folks that included pioneer of timebanking, Edgar Cahn, I felt very honoured but certainly didn’t imagine what might emanate from that.

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With local farm direct, fresh food now being supplied to a hospital, seniors' home and college in Comox Valley, Sandra Hamilton turns her attention to other Vancouver Island communities.

What are the possibilities in social enterprise, social procurement?

After hearing Sandra Hamilton present on social enterprise and social procurement, members of the Ladysmith Chamber of Commerce and a number of partner organizations have committed to working together to leverage these new tools to advance the social and economic development of their Vancouver Island town, population 8,000.