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What do President Obama, the Rolling Stones and New Scoop YYC have in common? They all went to Cuba for Spring Break!

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Back in the fall I got to finally do some work with my friends Peggy Holman and Stephen Sliha (and Carol Daniel Kasbari too!) with the fabulous organization Journalism That Matters. I was able to do a little process hosting and participating in the developmental evaluation that was going on during the two day conference in Portland.

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Calgary residents discover the essence and possibilities in Generative Journalism.

'When we get to the essence . . . that's when we can really make change happen:' Darrell Howard

Learning about the intention, practice and possibilities in Generative Journalism is igniting shifts for people, both in their work and personal lives. Here's a brief video reflection from Calgary resident Darrell Howard on how she's been bringing the Generative Journalism philosophy and approach into her work with a Calgary poverty group.