Michelle Strutzenberger

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On one of my last evenings in Barcelona a few of us gathered at a cozy shop in an old part of the city called La Villa de Gracias (the Village of Gratitude) to talk over mango milkshakes and crepes.

Michelle Strutzenberger

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About a dozen people from about half-a-dozen countries gather in the coastal city of Barcelona, Spain this weekend to talk about the future of an effort they are all dedicated to — enabling local, strengths-based responses to community issues. I am honoured to join them at their invitation as a member of the Axiom News team.

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I have just returned from an interesting experience in Washington. D.C.:  a panel discussion with His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The event was sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), a leading neo-conservative think tank responsible for much of the intellectual core and agenda of the Bush-Cheney administration. So why would I go to a place that co-engineered much of the thinking that led us into the disaster of the Iraq War and the financial crisis of 2008, costing us trillions of dollars, and causing massive waves of human suffering across cultures?

Biking that Builds Community
A "Purple and Yellow" volunteer gathering invited people to work on the communal bikes that UBC Bike Co-op members use to get around on campus. Photo Credit: Jon Ben Photography. Read More


Meaningful relationships at the centre of Paul Tiller’s thriving

On March 5, 2010, Paul Tiller realized a dream he, his family and friends had been cherishing for years – the Peterborough, Ontario resident moved into his own apartment. Paul's arms jutted over his head in a sign of victory when asked what he thought as he stood in the centre of his new place.


News agency to fuel, build on citizens’ engagement in economic and social transition

Whether it’s technical expertise or small- to medium-sized businesses, the Netherlands holds an abundance of assets that have been in large part unrecognized and unappreciated. Yet it is exactly these “un-glorified” gifts that could ring in the country’s future thriving.


A Community Movement Afoot
From Senegal to India to the U.S. and Canada, a movement is afoot to return to neighbourhoods and local community as the source of solutions and thriving. A recent gathering of members of a network called the Constellation, which Axiom News team member Michelle Strutzenberger also joined, reinforced this. With a presence in about 60 countries, the Constellation works from the premise that every community has the capacity to respond to life's challenges, to build a common vision, to act and to adapt.
Exploring Deep Community with Paul Born, Peter Block

How do we create a deep community? Paul Born, founder of the Tamarack Institute and author of Deepening Community, Peter Block, thought leader and author, will be discussing community in a March 27 free webinar. Topics include how to identify a deep community over a shallow one, what leaders and organizers can gain from a stronger community and examples of stewardship and deep community in action. More

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Urban designer Mark Lakeman helped spark a “mini revolution” in the creative reclamation of public space in his hometown, Portland, Ore. The placemaking pioneer was recently featured in a public talk in Vancouver, B.C. to kick-start a nine-month placemaking course designed to support community leaders in a process for creatively reimagining their urban spaces for active engagement and community building. More

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