Peter Pula

‘Our goal is to discover someone’s story. Our goal is not to fix anybody.’

A circle of local citizens who are also aspiring media makers ended up in a deep exploration of the concept of Generative Journalism with Peter Pula at the Axiom News studio in Peterborough.

This is an edited and condensed version of a portion of the dialogue with one of the citizen journalists, active community leader Bill Templeman.

We begin with Peter’s answer to a question that had been posed to start the conversation: “How do you connect with and express the story within your soul?”

Sarah Arthurs

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What do President Obama, the Rolling Stones and New Scoop YYC have in common? They all went to Cuba for Spring Break!

Barb Briggs

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CALGARY - New Scoop YYC, a Calgary worker co-op dedicated to sharing the story of Calgary as a thriving city, created this video in response to a Generative Journalism training workshop with Peter Pula of Axiom News.

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