A heartwarming reflection of how it felt to be there.

Small group gathers to cross boundaries and ignite transformative change

For the longest time things have been done a certain way in Cedar Rapids-Iowa City Creative Corridor. Those ways have served the city well. Yet, a small group longed for something richer.

Jennifer Wilson

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Community members from Iowa’s Creative Corridor said yes to an ambiguous yet clear enough invitation and gathered on August 18. With this yes they entered into the conditions of an emergent, co-creative field of what is possible. Each yes brought with it its own cares, concerns and curiosities.

Yvonne Hollandy

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The story is changing out there. The world is experiencing transitions in economics, in communities, in the way people gather and in the way they are citizens in their communities. To be a part of uncovering some of those movements and bringing them to light is really exciting — to continually search for the gifts and assets that are out there. There's no shortage, as it turns out.

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